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Title: Аnalysis of the Factors Influencing the Market of Insurance Services in Life Insurance
Authors: Гарматюк, Олена Валентинівна
Keywords: Insurance company
sales activity
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: TEM Journal
Citation: Аnalysis of the Factors Influencing the Market of Insurance Services in Life Insurance [Text] / Y. Melnychuk, L. Chvertko, T. Korniienko, O. Vinnytska, O. Garmatiuk // TEM Journal. – 2019. – Volume 8, Number 1. - Р. 201-206
Abstract: The article on the topic "Analysis of factors affecting the market of insurance services in the field of life insurance" aimed to analyze and identify the actual factors affecting the activities of insurance companies in the insurance market in the field of life insurance. It proves that such factors of influence arise on the basis of interaction of demand and supply of insurance products in the insurance market of Ukraine. The basic theoretical principles of formation of demand and offer of insurance services are considered. It has analyzed and calculated the indicators that reflect the state of business of a company. The factors that influence the development of life insurance on the insurance market are analyzed and characterized. Conclusions and proposals have been made regarding the influence of factors on the development of insurance services.
ISSN: 2217-8309
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