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Title: Evaluation of slaughter cattle grades and standards of cull cows
Authors: Гембарук, Алла Степанівська
Palii, A.P.
Admina, N.G.
Mihalchenko, S.A.
Lukyanov, I.M.
Denicenko, S.A.
Gurskyi, P.V.
Paliy, A.P.
Kovalchuk, Y.O
Kovalchuk, V.A.
Kuznietsov, O.S.
Солодчук, Альона Валеріївна
Keywords: Cow
Dairy herd
Dairy herd
Productive longevity
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology
Citation: А. P. Palii1*, N. G. Admina2, S. A. Mihalchenko3, I. M. Lukyanov1, S. A. Denicenko1, P. V. Gurskyi1, A. P. Paliy4, Y. O. Kovalchuk5, V. A. Kovalchuk6, O. L. Kuznietsov6, A. S. Gembaruk7, A. V. Solodchuk7. Evaluation of slaughter cattle grades and standards of cull cows // Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 2020, 10(1), 162-167, doi: 10.15421/2020_26
Series/Report no.: UDC;636.033
Abstract: Recently, due to the widespread implementation of intensive milk production technologies, the requirements for the type of animal physique have increased, because the theory and practice of breeding have proved that the economic and long-term use of cows is not possible without taking into account their exterior features and type of the constitution. The influence of the traits of the animals’ physique on the duration of their economic use was studied, and the main slaughter grades and standards minimum percentage of cows determined beaf cow culling were determined. We selected the criteria mainly caused the cattle removing from the herd: growth scale of score 4, sacral inclination – score 6, limb posture from rear and side views - score 5. The percentage of cattle culling with body condition score score ranged from 7 to 9 was determined.
ISSN: doi: 10.15421/2020_26
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