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Authors: Курмаєв, Петро Юрійович
Рибчак, Віталій Іванович
Keywords: renewable energy, investment, energy market, resources
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Kurmaiev P.Y. Actual problems of renewable energe's usage / P.Y. Kurmaiev, V.I. Rybchak // Development of Regions in Knowledge Economy. – Warsaw: Warsaw University of Life Sciences Publishing, 2014. – Р.47-53.
Abstract: In the article it has been defined that the use of renewable energy resources is examined as one of the most long-range ways to solve power supply increasing problems. The existence of resource base and ecological purity of renewable energy resources are their main advantages under the conditions of organic fuel resources depletion and increasing speed of environmental pollution. Modern conditions and existing facilities of renewable energy resources both in Ukraine and in the whole world have been investigated in the article. Principles and sizes of renewable energy resources financing schemes have been analyzed. It has been suggested to use approaches which will allow to speed up the realization of renewable energy production schemes in Ukraine.
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