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Title: The analysis of renewable energy sources in Ukraine
Authors: Курмаєв, Петро Юрійович
Рибчак, Віталій Іванович
Keywords: renewable energy, economy, solar energy, hydropower
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Kurmaiev P.Y. The analysis of renewable energy sources in Ukraine /P.Y. Kurmaiev // Alternatywne źródła energii i ich zastosowanie – Golądkowо: Zespół Szkół Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego im. Jadwigi Dziubińskiej, 2014. - P. 113-117.
Abstract: The article deals with the problems of energy policy. The current state of green energy development had been investigated in the article. The role of alternative energy sources in Ukraine's economy was defined. The basic sources of funding for green energy projects were analyzed. It was claimed that cooperation with international financial institutions would promote the interest of private investors. The prospects of alternative energy sources development in Ukraine were proposed. Were identified the basic directions and recommendations for improving renewable energy potential in Ukraine.
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