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Title: In relation to technological approach in geographical education
Authors: Браславська (Тімець), Оксана Володимирівна
Keywords: Technological approach
interactive technologies
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: O.V.Timec' In relation to technological approach in geographical education / O.V.Timec' // Przemysl «Nauka I studia». 2009. – P. 48–54.
Abstract: In the article the features of application of new methods and methodical systems are analized, such as of co-operation of subjects of educational activity for activation of students perception of educational material from geography, deepening of cognition, stimulation of cognitive activity. The features of innovative educational activity are exposed, which behaves to creative application the teacher of innovations, which new educational methods are as a result of, maintenance and forms of studies of geography and education brushes up. Certainly, that the basic factor of development of education is introduction of scientific and technical innovations, that applications new, more productive technologies, and creative, energetic people which are apt at the leadthrough of innovative changes come forward their developers. In education pedagogical innovations arise up for the decision of concrete situations, various pedagogical, methodical and practical problems.
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