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Title: Underground version of industrial landscapes in the region of uranium mining in Ukraine
Authors: Козинська, Ірина Петрівна
Keywords: underground landscape, underground mining cavity, mining type of underground industrial landscapes, non-mining (drilling) type of underground industrial landscapes, underground leaching, field of uranium ore, shafts, tunnel, well, the chamber-block mining, mine-crosscut
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Вінниця. ПрАТ "Вінницька обласна друкарня"
Citation: Kozynska I.P. Underground version of industrial landscapes in the region of uranium mining in Ukraine / I.P. Kozynska // Наукові записки Вінницького державного педагогічного університету імені Михайла Коцюбинського. Серія: Географія. – 2015. – Вип. 27, № 1-2. – Вінниця, 2015. – С.58-67.
Series/Report no.: УДК 911.3+502.6;
Abstract: In this article I examined the main types of underground industrial landscape that were formed in the region of uranium excavation – Mining and Drilling. I characterized the main features of underground mining cavities together with the corresponding to them types of tracts. It is noted that this type of landscape is dominating in all fields of uranium ore, where the excavation is conducted with underground mining method ( e.g. Ingylsk mine). Type of the area "underground industrial cavities", depending on the variety of extracted rocks that contains uranium, can be divided into different variants: granite, iron ore, sandstone etc. It is outlined that in Ukraine the granite variant of terrain type "underground industrial cavities" is dominating. In its structure the dominating types of underground mining tracts are shafts, tunnels, mining chamber blocks, mines, crosscuts, tunnels, and horizons that penetrate and outline the granite rocks. It was also stated that the iron ore variant of terrain type "underground industrial cavities", which, as well as sandstone variant, was developed in the early stages of the formation of industrial landscape in the uranium mining region of Ukraine. It is indicated that underground drilling type of industrial landscapes, is forming only in fields where the mining of uranium is possible using underground leaching method. Using this method two deposits of uranium ore are worked out in Ukraine- Devladivske and Bratsk in Dnipropetrovsk and Mykolaiv regions respectively. It is outlined that the deposits suitable for mining of uranium using underground leaching method, are of the hydrogenous type. They are located in water-permeable crumbly sedimentary deposits of Paleogene. Apart from the exogenous-epigenetic uranium deposits, the deposits of sandstone-type can be also developed using underground leaching method.
ISSN: 2312-2110
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