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Title: Pedagogical conditions of forming professional and pedagogical competence in future technological education masters
Authors: Ящук, Сергій Миколайович
Keywords: lecturer
master’s preparation
professional and pedagogical competence
pedagogical conditions
Issue Date: 26-Nov-2015
Abstract: Lecturer is formed in the process of master’s preparation, which in the current situation should be reviewed from the standpoint of a new approach to content, forms and methods. Accordingly, a professional training of the future technological education master requires its grounding on the basis of new approaches. The effectiveness of the educational process of general technical subjects and methods of teaching technology teacher’s training is not possible without providing a set of conditions for their implementation. The complex of conditions for effective specialist’s training provides three main blocks. Each of them contains a number of conditions, such as: organizational and educational conditions of master degree studying; psychological and educational conditions of formation professional and pedagogical competence in future technology education professional; didactic conditions of formation teachers of general technical subjects and methods of teaching technology. The revealed conditions based on conceptual positions of individually oriented professional education contribute to the formation of high quality professional and pedagogical competence of teachers, which leads to a new level achievement
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