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Title: The Impact of High School Teacher Behaviors on Student Aggression
Authors: Зозуля, Людмила
Keywords: Teacher Behaviors
Student Aggression
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Zozylia L. The Impact of High School Teacher Behaviour on Student Aggression / Liudmila Zozylia // Материалы Международной конференции «Проблемы преодоления геноцида армян» – Ереван, 2015. (0.4 д.а.)
Abstract: There has been a great deal of research conducted on the topic of teacher behavior. However, within this broad category, this particular research sought out specific information on how teacher behavior affects student aggression. In doing so, the researcher did not set out to blame teachers for student aggression; the goal was to discover how teachers can modify behavior and react in ways that will help create positive and peaceful classroom environments – and prevent student aggressive behaviors that can result in violence
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