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Title: The directions of providing innovative orientation of the economy transformation
Authors: Курмаєв, Петро Юрійович
Байрамов, Ешгін
Keywords: innovative approach
innovative development
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Kurmaiev P.Y. The directions of providing innovative orientation of the economy transformation / P.Y. Kurmaiev, E. Bayramov // Collection of scientific works The 13th International Conference Information Technologies and Management 2015. – Riga, 2015. - P.112-114.
Abstract: It has been pointed out in the article that under the conditions of economic breakdown consequences overcoming and ownership relations transformation the problem of innovative development in Ukraine has the special meaning nowadays. It has been stated by the authors that 86% of overall volume of industrial products is produced by the enterprises, whose industrial cycle refers to the third and fourth technological mode. The evidence of the mentioned processes could be seen in the products low competitiveness due to high energy and material consumption of the main industrial branches. This causes the necessity of efficiency upgrading of state policy innovation encouragement due to its inner optimization. The authors proposed the innovative and reproductive approach, the main essence of which consists in the regional economics structure transformation, emphasizing on area of specialization and innovative complexes forming for their development activization.
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