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Title: The use of the “trident” model in the analysis of plastic zones near crack tips and corner points
Other Titles: Об использовании модели ”трезубец” при расчетах пластических зон вблизи концов трещин и угловых точек
Authors: Камінський, Анатолій Олексійович
Кіпніс, Леонід Абрамович
Колмакова, Віра Олексіївна
Хазін, Геннадій Анатолійович
Keywords: “trident” model
plastic zone
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Springer New York
Citation: Kaminskii A.A. The use of the “trident” model in the analysis of plastic zones near crack tips and corner points/ AA Kaminskii, LA Kipnis, VA Kolmakova, GA Khazin//Int. Appl. Mech.- 2000.- 36, №3.-P.372-376
Series/Report no.: UDC;539.375
Abstract: The paper deals with calculation of a plastic zone near a crack tip in a homogeneous elastoplastic solid and near a corner point of the boundary of this solid. The calculations are conducted for a solid subject to plane strain and within the framework of models with plastic strips. It is shown that in comparison with the widely used model with two straight slip-lines, the process of plastic deformation is described by the “trident” model more accurately. The results of calculations of the plastic zone by the “trident” model that ...
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