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Title: Taxonomic composition and changes in system of Amelanchier Medik. genus
Authors: Андрієнко, Олена Дмитрівна
Keywords: ahamospecies
DNA sequence
tribe Maleae
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Opalko A.I. Taxonomic composition and changes in system of Amelanchier Medik. genus / A.I.Opalko, O.D. Andrienko, O.A. Opalko // Біологічні студії / Studia Biologica. – 2015. – Т. 9, № 2. – С. 181–190.
Abstract: A brief history of studying the genus Amelanchier Medik. is represented in a retrospective discourse, as well as the analysis of the current state of its taxonomic and systematic researches. The reasons that complicate the identification of the plants as well as the structure of the genus system are defined. The most convenient taxonomic features of the genus are named. The controversial issues of the genus system are discussed, based on the classical, molecular and genetic positions. The analysis of the available publications and electronic databases on the taxonomy of species Amelanchier enabled us to state their ambiguous interpretation and, in effect, reduce the number of recognized species of the excepted status in the genus composition. We can assume that the revealed tendencies concerning the clarifying status of the species indicate the change of views on the taxonomy of the Juneberry. In terms of the concept of the species, its converted rank as a monotypic species to the polytypic (monophyletic) species is evident with the smallest number of distinctive features. More thorough researching shows manifestation of the species variability in its process of adaptation to environmental factors. Differences on species and intraspecies classification of the genus found in various publications point to incompleteness of its system and the necessity for further research using both modern and traditional methods.
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