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Authors: Курмаєв, Петро Юрійович
Пиж'янова, Наталія Володимирівна
Keywords: regulation
higher education
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Kurmaiev, P. Yu. Organizational and economic mechanism of state regulation of higher education system in Ukraine / P. Yu. Kurmaiev, N. V. Pyzhianova // Scientific bulletin of Polissia. − 2017. − № 1 (9). ч. 1. − С. 107-112
Abstract: Urgency of the research. In modern conditions higher education is an essential institution of society, that determines the dynamics of many social and economic indicators. The activities of higher education system subjects mainly depends on the impact of global trends in this area. Low efficiency of functioning of a modern system of higher education in Ukraine causes the necessity of its components reforming. This causes the relevance of the research. Target setting. Formation of the intellectual potential of society is influenced by many factors, and the system of higher education is one of mentioned factors. Therefore, it is necessary to make a complex of measures directed to the increase of efficiency of higher education system regulation in Ukraine. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Different aspects of the education system functioning are revealed in scientific works of the following scientists: T. Boholib, I. Kaleniuk, P. Trostel, J. Ronca and H. Vessuri. Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. However, the problems related to the study of the practical aspects of state regulation of higher education system in Ukraine are still not fully solved. The research objective. The aim of this article is to ground scientific approaches to the formation of organizational and economic mechanism of higher education system regulation in Ukraine. The statement of basic materials. Since independence, Ukrainian higher education system is in the process of permanent reformation. It is caused by changes in political, economic and social spheres of public life. Problematic aspects of higher education system functioning related to the low efficiency of state regulation, the current funding mechanism, and lack of development strategy in this sphere. The authors grounds the necessity to use new approaches of state regulation of higher education system based on the search of the best sources for its funding in accordance with national priorities, and increase of the quality of educational services. As a result, they must create the conditions for the formation of human capital of information society. Conclusions. To increase the efficiency of state regulation of higher education system it is offered to use organizational and economic mechanism. Its use will allow to determine the most appropriate regulatory instruments based on the analysis of evaluation results of the educational, economic and scientific activities of higher educational establishments.
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