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dc.contributor.authorБевз, Олена Павлівна-
dc.description.abstractUkraine is undergoing a new stage in its history. That causes changes in all spheres of our life, including education. A student, with his own, personal interests, is placed in the center of educational process. Special concern is given to gifted students as a great potential of the future of our people. To find the best ways and methods of creating a supporting atmosphere for their personal self-development is my key objective. It has always been difficult to put new approaches into practice. We believe that experiences of foreign countries can be of use for the benefit of our educational system, our children, our
dc.subjectpersonality self-developmentuk
dc.title.alternativeПедагогічна підтримка особистісного саморозвитку обдарованих підлітків у школах США-
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