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Title: Methodological approaches to pupils’ ecological сulture education
Authors: Совгіра, Світлана Василівна
Душечкіна, Наталія Юріївна
Keywords: ecology
ecological education
methodological approaches
axiological approach
cultural approach
ecological culture
ecological culture education
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2018
Abstract: The methodological approaches to pupils’ ecological culture education such as axiological and cultural had been revealed in the article. Theoretical methods: analysis and generalization of literature on the research problem; empiric: observation, conversation, pedagogical experiment were used in the process of research. Based on the use of the above methods it was stated that axiology can consider the problem of the relationship between man and nature from the perspective of values, learn the range of ecological values occuring in human activities, carry out an educational influence on the formation of ecological culture. It was investigated that in terms of axiological approach, values are correlated with various aspects of human nature (the spiritual, moral, psychological, and biological). The purpose of the article is to reveal the main methodological approaches (axiological and culturological) and apply them for the development of technology for raising the ecological culture of pupils. Materials of the research can be used for raising the ecological culture of of pupils in secondary schools and out-of-school educational institutions, will become the basis of educational and methodical publications on the education of pupils’ environmental culture, can be used by of pupils' self-government and class leaders in educational work with pupils. It was revealed that the cultural approach to pupils’ ecological culture education allows determining the ratio of the ecological culture to the general and spiritual culture, considering the relationship between three social and natural subjects: people, culture, and nature. It was proved that the methodological approaches (axiological and cultural) substantiate the updating of environmental education component, ecological culture development goals, ideas of humanization and humanitarization of education, understanding of the crucial role of culture towards nature, ecological imperative of ecological culture in solving global environmental problems. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, the effectiveness of pupils’ ecological culture education technology had been developed and proved.
ISSN: 1803-2427
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