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Title: Modern Methods in EFL Teaching
Other Titles: Сучасні методи у навчанні англійської мови як іноземної
Authors: Процько, Євгенія Сергіївна
Keywords: modern methods
EFL teaching
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Процько Євгенія. Modern Methods in EFL Teaching // «Іншомовна підготовка фахівців у вимірі нових освітніх реалій»: матеріали Всеукр. наук.-практ.вебінару. – Житомир, 28 листопада 2018.
Abstract: Today it is easy to have the Internet connection everywhere: in different educational and social settings, coffee shops, public transport, shops, classrooms etc. Thus the problem of the Internet and Internet technologies use in the process of teaching English as a foreign language is of vital importance, as at present to go with the times it is impossible for a teacher to neglect the interests and requirements of his students. But today you not always need to leave you home for studying - online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. Any teacher may easily clarify that one of the most recent and effective methods to teaching and learning English is by integrating or fusing technology as a pedagogical tool in the classrooms
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