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Other Titles: Kharakterystyka Poniattia «Pravova Kultura» Cherez Pryzmu Metodolohichnykh Pidkhodiv
Authors: Підлісний, Євген Васильович
Keywords: legal cultura, axiological approach, competency approach, activity approach, complex approach
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2018
Abstract: The article attempts to classify the interpretation of the concept of "legal culture" through the axiological, competence, activity and complex approaches. It is established that from the standpoint of the axiological approach, scholars consider the legal culture as a qualitative level of legal reality at a particular stage of development of society, competence - through legal competence, activity as a type and way of activity, way of thinking, norms and standards of behavior, a specific way of organizing and developing human activity in the field of legal relations, complex - the legal culture is connected with the political, moral, aesthetic, economic culture and its other varieties. It is proved that in the interpretation of the legal culture there are serious differences: some authors in the definition of culture determine through the activity and in this regard consider the legal culture as an element of the culture of a wider system; others are regarded as an independent sphere, where the legal culture is its part.
ISSN: 2413-1032
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