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Title: The modeling and solving applied problems of mathematical analysis using Geogebra
Authors: Поліщук, Тетяна Вікторівна
Keywords: Geogebra
educational process
Mathematical analysis
visualization of mathematical objects
Issue Date:  220
Publisher: Publishing House “ACCENT”. Sofia, Bulgaria
Citation: POLISHCHUK T. V. THE MODELING AND SOLVING APPLIED PROBLEMS OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS USING GEOGEBRA // Topical issues of the development of modern science. Abstracts of the 6th International scientific and practical conference. Publishing House “ACCENT”. Sofia, Bulgaria. 2020. Pp. 118-127. URL:
Abstract: The effectiveness of using the package of dynamic mathematics of GeoGebra in solving the applied tasks of Mathematical Analysis from the position of methodological preparation of the future teachers of mathematics is proved. The introduction of modern information and communication technologies into the educational process allows improving the basic training of students, to develop modeling skills and to modernize the system of teacher’s preparation.
ISBN: 978-619-93537-5-2
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