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Title: Pre-school education in the context of new ukrainian school’s objectives
Other Titles: Дошкільна освіта в контексті нових цілей української школи
Authors: Кушнір, Валентина Миколаївна
Скрипник, Неля Іванівна
Семчук, Світлана Іванівна
Семчук, Богдан Іванович
Гарбар, Світлана Володимирівна
Поліщук, Олена Василівна
Гаврилюк, Світлана Миколаївна
Кривда, Валентина Савівна
Попиченко, Світлана Сергіївна
Залізняк, Алла Миколаївна
Keywords: Нова українська школа
Підготовка майбутніх вихователів
Партнерська взаємодія з батьками
Розвивальне середовище
Методична робота в ЗДО
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Hameln : InterGING
Citation: Pre-school education in the context of new ukrainian school’s objectives : joint monograph / Ed. by Prof. Valentyna Kushnir ‒ Hameln : InterGING, 2020.‒260 с.
Series/Report no.: DDC УДК;373.3.0 91(02)
Abstract: The joint monograph covers a wide range of issues of the current state of pre-school education in Ukraine, the direction of its changes in the context of the requirements of the New Ukrainian school Concept. Pre-school education is a significant and economically viable innovation in Ukraine, which proves the possibbilty of ensuring equal access to quality education and equal conditions in the preschoolers training for primary school. Transforming the main objectives of the New Ukrainian school Concept in the pre-school sector necessitates the updating of the pre-school education content, implementation and dissemination in educational practice of new tools, innovative technologies of pre-school education organization, methods of future teachers’ training to work in pre-school education. We appeal to our readers, scientists, teachers of pre-school education institutions, students and those who are involved in working with pre-school children. We hope that our joint work will contribute to the development of high-quality pre-school education in Ukraine.
ISBN: 978-3-946407-08-9
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