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Title: Adaptation of the territorial communities to the global climate changes
Other Titles: Адаптація територіальних громад до глобальних кліматичних змін
Authors: Совгіра, Світлана Василівна
Ситник, Олексій Іванович
Душечкіна, Наталія Юріївна
Keywords: global climate changes
thermal regime
humidification regime
natural assets management
land use
agroclimatic resources
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Rzeszow: RzUT
Citation: Совгіра С. В., Ситник О. І., Душечкіна Н. Ю. Adaptation of the territorial communities to the global climate changes .Climate Change & Sustainable Development: New Challenges of the Century: Monograph. – Mykolaiv: PMBSNU – Rzeszow: RzUT, 2021. – рр. 396-413
Abstract: Climate change is one of the modern challenges to humanity. Only a coordinated global macroeconomic and financial policy can halt the process of its changes. The research of climate changes in a wide range of meteorological values, including the study of the current state and forecasting change trends in thermal and humidification regimes of the surface air layer for the future is important in scientific and practical aspects. Not only air temperature, but also other characteristics: atmospheric circulation, humidification regime, duration of seasons, aridity, etc. against the background of global and regional climate warming is changing. Changes in air temperature determine the dynamics of landscapes, which cannot be characterized as optimal now. Moderate continental climate of Ukraine is gradually changing because of global warming, which will probably lead to the establishment of subtropical one. It is especially important to solve the regional ecological and social-and-economic consequences of climate change, which are manifested on the territory of Ukraine.
ISBN: 978-617-7421-80-0
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