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Title: On Condition of Nucleation of Cottrell’s Crack
Authors: Камінський, Анатолій Олексійович
Кіпніс, Леонід Абрамович
Поліщук, Тетяна Вікторівна
Keywords: fracture process zone
Wiener—Hopf method
Cottrell crack nucleation
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Kamins’kyi, A.O. On Condition of Nucleation of Cottrell’s Crack / A.O. Kamins’kyi, L.A. Kipnis, T.V. Polishchuk // Int. Appl. Mech. — 2018. — V 54, №6. — pp.642-652 .
Series/Report no.: 539.375;
Abstract: The length of the small-scale narrow zone of weakened bonds (fracture process zone) at the point of intersection of lines of microplastic deformation (slip lines) in an elastic body is determined. The fracture process zone is modeled by a line of discontinuity of normal displacement. The development of this zone precedes Cottrell crack nucleation. The crack nucleation condition is established. The Wiener–Hopf method is used to obtain the exact solution of the associated elastic problem.
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