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Title: The Model of Students’ Environmental Competence Formation in Pedagogical University
Other Titles: Модель формування екологічної компетентності студентів в умовах педагогічного університету)
Authors: Совгіра, Світлана Василівна
Душечкіна, Наталія Юріївна
Keywords: model
formation of environmental competence
pedagogical university
modeling process
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Budapest
Citation: Dushechkina N., Sovgira S. The Model of Students’ Environmental Competence Formation in Pedagogical University / N. Dushechkina, S. Sovgira // Pedagody and Psychology, V (54), Issue: 126, 2017. – p.43-46
Abstract: The main requirements for model in general had been revealed in the article. It was stated that the model is result of modeling, the ideal example of this process, the achievement of its goal. We understand the modeling of the process forming the environmental competence of students as the process of identifying typical tasks of future environmental and professional activity and their further transformation into educational and practical tasks. In the process of modeling, the logic construction had been followed on the basis of system integration of the content of environmental and vocational education components, and also taking into account the objective sequence of stages of personal and professional development of a specialist. It was grounded that the model of formation of the students' environmental competence in s pedagogical university includes the target, content, technological and productive units, and is characterized by the availability to implement philosophical, mrthodological, professional-prognostic ( acmeological ) and design-technological functions. The target unit inclides the goals and objective of forming the environmental competence of students in the conditions of a pedagogical university, which are closely interrelated with the projected outcome of the process being studied. The content unit includes the content of the educational process and the successive stages of integration of environmental and vocational educatuin. The technological unit includes didactic principles, forms, methods and technologies of students' rnvironmental competence formation. The result of the proposed model is the formed environmental competence of students in the onditions of a pedagogical university. It is stated that the main components of the model interact through feedback mechanism.
ISSN: 2308-1996
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