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dc.contributor.authorСовгіра, Світлана Василівна-
dc.contributor.authorЧирва, Ганна Миколаївна-
dc.contributor.authorКорінна, Галина-
dc.identifier.citationSovgira S., Chyrva H., Korinna H. Ecological education of economics students by means of environmental technologies. Science and Education, 2018, Issue 2. рр.
dc.description.abstractThe article deals with a relevant issue of environmental education of economics students, which in the global coontext is considered as a key part of the process of optimizing environmental protection and achieving sustainable development of every country and the world as a whole, and in the pedagogical one, it is the basis for the ecological culture formation in a personality. The role of environmental technologies in the training of future specialists for environmental and economic activity has been revealed. Unfortunately, traditional teaching methods of natural sciences are weakly in line with modern requirements and need to be improved. The purpose of the research is to provide theoretical substantiation and experimental verification of scientific and methodological bases of application of environmental technology in economics students' environmental education. Future econoics experts' environmental and economic competence involves motivational-value, informational-cognitive, operational-activity components. The respondents' levels of environmental and economic competence were examined by means of a specially selected methodical toolkit. Experimental work was aimed at identifying the students' attitudes towards the content and quality of their training in terms of environmental and economic activity and the degree of interest in such activities. Besides, the possibilities of using new environmental technologies in the training of economics students have been examined during the
dc.publisherПівденноукраїнський національний педагогічний університет імені К. Д. Ушинськогоuk
dc.relation.ispartofseriesUDK: 378:338.46:502/504;-
dc.subjectecological educationuk
dc.subjectenvironmental technologiesuk
dc.subjectecological knowledgeuk
dc.subjectecological-economic activityuk
dc.titleEcological education of economics students by means of environmental technologiesuk
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