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Title: Managing the efficiency of enterprises based on assessment of the land resource potential”
Authors: Кожухівська, Раїса Борисівна
Kulbitsky, Volodymyr
Кирилюк, Ірина Миколаївна
Maliuga, Liudmyla
Подзігун, Світлана Миколаївна
Keywords: land
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Raisa Kozhukhіvska, Volodymyr Kulbitsky, Iryna Kyryliuk, Liudmyla Maliuga and Svitlana Podzigun (2018). Managing the efficiency of enterprises based on assessment of the land resource potential. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 16(2), 164-178.
Series/Report no.: Problems and Perspectives in Management;16(2)
Abstract: Modern economics is a complex multi component system where management is aimed, first of all, at solving problems of optimal use of land, labor and material and technical resources in order to increase the efficiency of production. Land is the basis of agricultural development. If in all other branches of production land plays mainly a passive role, it is an active element in agriculture. In this branch, it is simultaneously an object of labor and a means of production due to which a man grows necessary crops. The purpose of the article is to analyze the use of land resources and determine indicators to improve of the efficiency of land resource potential for improving the management system of resource potential of enterprises. The conducted research made it possible to conclude that enterprise’s land resources are interdependent and interconnected and balanced optimal correlation between them opens up opportunities for developing an innovative economic system which is characterized by maximum productivity. As a result of the study, it has been established that the process of managing land resource potential of enterprises should be based on the use of a systematic approach, which involves evaluating land resource opportunities and their rational use in the conditions prevailing. The practical value of the research is to carry out an assessment of the land resource potential of enterprises on the basis of the use of the index estimation method. The evaluation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of structural components of the land potential of the territory allows us to analyze the level of development of the regional economy, identify disparities between individual elements of the potential, as well as to define priority areas of regional policy in the field of land use. The assessment made it possible to determine main criteria for improving the efficiency and potential use of land resources of enterprises. As a basis the indicator of potential yields can be used.
ISSN: 1727-7051
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