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Title: Development of reciptures of canned smothies made from zucchini and fruits.
Authors: Povorozniuk, Inna
Kravchenko, Lesia
Keywords: juices with pulp and sugar
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: EUREKA: Life Sciences
Citation: Tokar, A., Matenchuk, L., Kharchenko, Z., Haidai, I., Zahorko, N., Tarasenko, V. et. al. (2018). Development of reciptures of canned smothies made from zucchini and fruits. EUREKA: Life Sciences, 4, 56–62.
Abstract: Rational nutrition for a whole year is possible with a well-established system of storage and processing of plant raw materials. Products with vegetable and fruit raw materials due to their availability and nutritional value are in demand among the population. There is a constant interest in new products with increased biological value. The preservation of ascorbic acid, the main source of which is vegetables and fruits, is also affected by the technology of production. Despite the damaging effect of the heat treatment temperature of canned products on thermolabile components, the sterilization regimes should be relaxed. To this end, it has been proposed to produce beverages from vegetables and fruits for scientifically-based recipes, which allows them to be processed at a temperature of 100 °C, as well as juices with pulp and sugar. Smoothie, made on the basis of zucchini with the addition of gooseberries and blackcurrant puree contain respectively 13.3 and 41.8 mg/100 g of ascorbic acid, have an optimal for good perception of the sugar-acid index 21,4–21,5 compared with juices from soft pulp and sugar from gooseberry and black currant, which produces industry. The latter is explained by the fact that instead of sugar syrup, natural juice from zucchini was used in the recipe.
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