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Title: Development of Psychological Readiness of the High School Students to Enter Higher Educational
Authors: Кравченко, Оксана Олексіївна
Шеленкова, Наталія Леонідівна
Міщенко, Марина Сергіївна
Keywords: occupational guidance
computer-based testing
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: AISC
Citation: Kravchenko O., Shelenkova N., Mishchenko M. Development of Psychological Readiness of the High School Students to Enter Higher Educational. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. 2020. AISC, Vol. 1209. pp. 407–413.
Abstract: The importance of occupational guidance for individuals has been highlighted in the article. Modern tasks and challenges of occupational guidance have been presented and conditions of a personality’s successful self-realization have also been analysed. The article deals with the application of modern methods and forms of occupational guidance for students. The main directions, forms, methods and structure of work on this issue have been paid attention to. The authors present the results of approbation of the computer-based testing complex “Profvybir”, performed during 2015-2019 for the diagnostics of occupational interests and inclinations. It is used as a separate information service for students of 8-11 grades. The complex was created in Centre of Psychological Diagnostics and Training Technologies “Insight” of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University. During the mentioned period 780 students took part in occupational diagnostics. The following algorithm of work with the computer-based testing complex consisting of three blocks is presented: “Professional interests” (the methodology of DDQ of Ye. Klimov, methodology of professional self-determination of J. Holland, “Map of interests” methodology), “Personal qualities” (Cattell’s test (16 RF questionnaire), “Intelligence” (Eysenck’s IQ test). The analysis of interests, abilities and personal qualities of students gives them the opportunity to make a more conscious choice of the future profession. This method of occupational guidance can be used to implement the policy of the Ministry of Education and Science in the development of occupational guidance, to improve the approaches to adolescents’ choosing a profession. It can be applied by a career advisor at school and be helpful to high school students in their choice of future profession. The computer-based testing complex may also be an additional component of the occupational training program.
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