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Title: Security system for banking industry based on biometrics
Authors: Слатвінський, Максим Анатолійович
Гвоздєй, Наталія Іванівна
Keywords: banking security
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Scientific Center of Innovative Researches OÜ
Citation: Slatvinskyi М., Gvozdej N. (2020) Security system for banking industry based on biometrics. Corporate management: from creation to success: monograph. Tallinn. Scientific Center of Innovative Researches OÜ. 2020. pp. 124-140.
Abstract: It is issued the prospects of using new technologies to improve the bank's security systems. It is revealed that the modern development of banking technologies of protection of operations is focused on RBS (remote banking service) development and improvement. Internet banking, SMS banking, and others are new technologies that significantly reduce the risk of fraud of bank employees and save time and money for the bank's client. Banks are introducing new technologies to protect information from attackers (EDS – electronic digital signature, etc.). Authors proposed a new approach to the organization of protection of banking operations – the use of biometric technologies to identify unique human traits that are not susceptible to counterfeiting. The adoption of the latest technologies of biometric authentication by face, fingerprints, hand data, and heart rate have a real basis for implementation in the banking systems of different countries, including the banking system of Ukraine.
ISBN: 978-9916-9554-1-3
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