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Title: The Influence of Globalization Processes on the Development of the Restaurant Business of Ukraine
Other Titles: Вплив глобалізаційних процесів на розвиток ресторанного бізнесу України
Authors: Поворознюк, Інна Миколаївна
Джога, Ольга Валентинівна
Нещадим, Людмила Миколаївна
Кирилюк, Ірина Миколаївна
Тимчук, Світлана Володимирівна
Благополучна, Анастасія Геннадіївна
Keywords: Заклади громадського харчування
індустрія гостинності
українська кухня
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development
Citation: Inna Povorozniuk, Olha Dzhoha, Liudmyla Neshchadym, Iryna Kyryliuk, Svitlana Tymchuk, Anastasiia Blahopoluchna. The Influence of Globalization Processes on the Development of the Restaurant Business of Ukraine. Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development. № 45. Випуск 2. 2023. С. 183-192.
Abstract: The article analyzes the state of the hospitality industry in Ukraine and determines the influence of globalization processeson the development of the restaurant business. It is proven that the globalization of the restaurant sector is manifested in:the possibility for restaurant establishments to obtain ingredients for foods and drinks from any corner of the world; opportunities for chefs from different countries to cooperate in order to exchange experience and develop new dishes and drinks; internationalization of food products; dissemination and implementation of production technologies of restaurant establishments both in Ukraine and abroad; development and improvement of the equipment of restaurant establishments; capital investments of domestic and foreign investors in the development of food enterprises; opportunities to pay for raw materials, goods, finished products and services using international currency transactions; availability of information about the menus and services of restaurant industry, that are located in different parts of the world; migration of workers in the restaurant industry thanks to visa-free movement in order to improve their qualification level; execution of production processes and provision of catering services in accordance with international standards.It is noted that the development of hotels and restaurants depends on the stability of the political system in the country. The absence of political crises contributes to the increase in the number of enterprises in the hotel and restaurant industry, the inflow of investments, and the growth of production volumes. Aggravation of the situation leads to opposite processes.
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